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- VR Interactive Experience -

We go beyond traditional boundaries to unveil experiences that defy expectations. From the rebirth of a human soul to encounters with alien contact, our VR experiences transport you to realms yet unexplored. Within Uraga, we don't just create virtual moments; we craft alternate realities where the unimaginable comes to life. Each experience is a portal to the extraordinary, designed for those seeking a taste of the unknown, where we find our true identities, love, passion, knowledge. Discover the power of Virtual Reality as we redefine not just what you see but how you feel. It's not just an experience; it's a journey into the uncharted territories of the human imagination. Explore the extraordinary:

- Eternal Soul - Rebirth - 

Production stage

Eternal Soul_Wix.png

Eternal Soul VR: Explore the Path of Rebirth, delving into the most significant question of the ages: What awaits us after death? This immersive interactive experience invites us to explore and confront the unknown, bringing us closer to the source of our collective enlightenment in life's journey.

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